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About Us

Media Transfer Labs is a leading provider of media transfer, digitizing services, and document scanning. Since 2006, our team of highly-skilled technicians and media specialists have focused on bringing business and consumers into the digital age. We recognize that businesses and organizations need reliable, quality conversion services to protect their legacy and their livelihood.

Featuring best-in-class equipment and a focus on production quality and customer service, our staff is prepared to handle the full complement of your media transfer and conversion needs. Our services include:

Understanding your business is important and Media Transfer Labs focuses on the unique needs of commercial, government, education, and non-profit organizations. Contact us today and discuss your needs with one of our conversion specialists.

Media Transfer Labs is a subsidiary of DVD Your Memories. Since 2006, DVD Your Memories has been providing film, video tape, audio, negative, and image conversion and transfer services. Helping thousands of customers restore and preserve their family’s precious memories, DVD Your Memories is the premier local media transfer provider in the country.

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