Comprehensive Services for Any Organization

Services Overview

Media Transfer Labs offers an array of professional services to keep your business or organization at the top.

Litigation support services can help you to navigate through the process of evaluating your choices and in deciding what solutions best meet the needs

Our media extraction services can help your organization extract and manage digital files stored on older media such as floppy disks, zip disks and ha

Using equipment designed to accommodate up to 12” x 16” photographs, our photo scanning teams work to provide the highest quality digital images a

Document Scanning projects often involve comprehensive planning and cataloging and a deep-dive with our clients to understand the archiving and busine

Whether your audio recordings are captured on audio cassette or ¼” reel-to-reel formats, let us help you digitize and catalogue your invaluable aud

Video tape transfer services provide digital conversion of VHS, Beta, Hi8, MiniDV, and a host of other tape formats. Using professional recording and

Convert negatives to digital format using our premium negative scanning services. Our highly trained negative scanning technicians will scan negatives

Media Transfer Labs offers several options for film transfer and digital conversion services and can work with all major film formats and nearly any o

When transferring and converting slides, it is important to maintain the highest-quality possible to preserve your organization’s legacy. Using Niko

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