CD Ripping

Media Transfer Labs has the capability to pull and organize your data off of optical media such as CD, CD-R & DVD. We provide high standard, high quality audio CD ripping providing you with the freedom and ease that goes along with digital files. We can convert your CDs into various audio formats, including CD ripping to Apple Lossless, MP3, FLAC, AAC, & WAV. Convert your collection of CDs, and experience the new way to enjoy your old favorites.  

CD Ripping is a term for extracting the audio from your CDs and placing them as digital audio files on your computer. Converting music CDs to MP3 or other audio format is a great way to not only reduce the physical size of your collection, but also help ensure playability of your audio for the future. By converting your collection to digital files, new avenues open up to enjoy your music. Looking to convert a CD to MP3 for your iPod, iPhone and other mobile devices? We can do that for you, too. 

Take advantage of our custom folder and file naming structures, if you want something other than our standard method. We can help you to organize your audio in any way you’d like! All available metadata, album art and tagging will be provided through several immense online databases and cross referenced for accuracy, at no additional charge. 


Please contact one of our data extraction specialists to discuss your specific needs.

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