Film Transfer

Preserving film is as much of an art as it is a science. Film transfer requires special handling, a thorough cleaning process, vast technical knowledge, and experienced post-production editors. Additionally, it is vital to work with a provider that can accommodate the full array of film types ensuring that all of your older media can be addressed. Media Transfer Labs offers several options for film transfer and digital conversion services and can work with all major film formats and nearly any obscure format you may need converted.

Film Transfer Services

Supported Film Formats

  • 8mm to DVD8mm
  • Super 8 to DVDSuper 8
  • 16mm to DVD16mm

Standard Film Transfer Service Standard Film Transfer Service include a number of steps to prepare and convert your film for everyday use, in a digital format. This is ideal for general purpose preservation and archiving.

Premium Film Transfer Service Premium Film Transfer Service includes everything that our Standard service offers, plus additional color correction, lighting control, and scene-by-scene digital restoration. Premium Film Transfer is designed to create top-quality digital movies for use in marketing and other applications that require improved video.

Standard Film Transfer Premium Film Transfer


Service includes general cleaning, splicing, and conversion – suitable for general purpose needs Service includes enhanced lighting control and scene by scene color restoration – ideal for use in presentations, promotional videos, and other marketing purposes
All film cleaned and lubricated
Film spliced onto new 400′ reels
100-year archival DVDs
Compatibility guaranteed
Real-time manual back-lighting control
Scene-by-scene color restoration in post-editing

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