Negative Scanning

Convert negatives to digital format using our premium negative scanning services. Our highly trained negative scanning technicians will scan negatives up to 4000 DPI with Digital ICE4 filtering technology to enhance your photo negative original.

Negative Scanning Services

Our negative scanning services are designed to meet the needs of any organization, providing high-quality digital images for archiving and any future need. We offer three different services, in varying resolutions.

Standard Service
Enhanced Service
Premium Service
2000 DPI
3000 DPI
4000 DPI

Recognizing that organizations have a variety of media across a host of formats, Media Transfer Labs can accommodate virtually any Negative type, including:

Supported Negative Scanning Formats

  • 35mm to DVD35mm

  • 120/220 to DVD120/220

  • 110 to DVD110

  • 126 to DVD126

  • 16mm to DVD16mm


  • Disc Film to DVDDisc Film

In addition to scanning your negatives and creating digital versions of your images, we offer a host of other enhancement services and options:

  • Uncompressed, TIFF format files
  • Contact (proof) sheets
  • High-capacity Blu-ray discs
  • Basic Restoration services
  • Advanced Restoration services
  • Slideshow Movie Production

Contact Us today to speak with a Negative Scanning expert and get an accurate recommendation for your needs.

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