Slide Scanning

Physical slides have traditionally been one of the most reliable and durable formats for preserving photographic images. When transferring and scanning slides, it is important to maintain the highest-quality possible to preserve your organization’s legacy.  Using Nikon SuperCoolSCAN 5000 ED and 9000 ED slide scanning equipment, we provide pristine digital versions of your entire slide library.

Slide Scanning Services

Media Transfer Labs provides three different levels of image resolution, meeting whatever business needs you have.

Standard Service
Enhanced Service
Premium Service
2000 DPI
3000 DPI
4000 DPI

Our process accommodates all traditional slide formats and nearly all rare formats as well, including:

Supported Slide Scanning Formats

  • 35mm to DVD35mm
  • 110 to DVD110
  • 126 to DVD126
  • 127 to DVD127
  • 120/220 to DVD120/220
  • 3D Stereo to DVD3D Stereo

In addition to scanning your slides and creating digital versions of your images, we offer a host of other enhancement services and options:

  • Uncompressed, TIFF format files
  • Contact (proof) sheets
  • High-capacity Blu-ray discs
  • Basic Restoration services
  • Advanced Restoration services
  • Slideshow Movie Production

Contact Us today to speak with a Slide Scanning expert and get an accurate recommendation for your needs.

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